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Launch of Project for the Restoration of the Atlantic Forest in the Guanabara Reconcavo

On May 23rd, Instituto International para Sustentabilidade (IIS) and Caminho da Mata Atlântica (CMA) launched "The Atlantic Forest Path: restoring productive landscapes in Guanabara Bay" which took place at Guapimirim City Hall.

Image: Micaela Locke

REGUA, Brazilian Agricultural Research Agency (EMBRAPA), AGROICONE Consultancy, Socioenvironmental Institute (ISA), Rio de Janeiro Organic Farmers' Association (ABIO) are the project's partners.

Rio de Janeiro's restoration fund "Florestas do Amanha" is financing the project consisting of the restoration of 135 hectares, implementation of 15 hectares of agroforestry/organic systems and a nursery training course.


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