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REGUA participates in the official launching of the regenerative program “Pró-Águas Rio”

REGUA was honored to be invited to attend the official launching of Instituto Espinhaco's "Pro-Aguas Rio" regenerative programme, which took place on June 28th at Casa G20, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro city.

Instituto Espinhaco is a Brazilian non-profit organization founded by Luis Claudio Oliveira in 2009 with the objective of supporting ecosystem restoration, water security and climate mitigation public policies, integrating all sectors of society as an innovative governance arrangement. The Institute is an inspirational case study working today in 11 Brazilian states and 12 countries around the world. The Institute works within UN-Water framework focusing on water security programmes with restoration essential for its success.

At the well attended presentation, Luis expressed the importance of society as a whole being at the center of the regenerative axis. Its Pro-Aguas programme in Rio state aims at restoring 7500 hectares focusing on the deficit of mandatory “Forest Reserve”, the 20% that every farming property has to have protected within the Atlantic Forest biome. Luis is looking to use carbon money from the planted trees and support from the industry to help finance the model. This is another welcome stab at meeting Brazil’s objective of adding a 10% to the biome’s current forest cover.

We are proud to be part of this transformative initiative that promotes a more sustainable future for us all!


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