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REGUA was created as an Association in June 2001,  under Brazilian law number CNPJ32-532.012/0001-53. The Asocial is is governed by its members, who are divided into 5 different categories. Board members meet at the general meeting annually and are responsible for approving changes to the Association statute and receiving and approving reports from the Administrative and Fiscal Councils. Members also have the responsibility to appoint Honorary members, to elect the Directorate and Fiscal Council, and to dissolve the Association and the distribution of its assets if necessary. Decisions taken at general meetings must have two-thirds of the votes to be approved. 

REGUA has a lodge that attracts visitors from all over the world. The revenue generated by the lodge covers approximately 70% of the organization's operating expenses. REGUA also receives funds and donations from various organizations and entities that finance forest restoration activities, employee payments, maintenance costs and the acquisition of new properties.

Since its inception, REGUA has received financial and operational support from BART (Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest Trust), a charity based in the United Kingdom.

There are 5 types of members:

1- Board: Nicholas Locke, Raquel Locke and Fábio Lagoas

Nicholas John Locke - Presidente .jpg
Nicholas Locke
Raquel Locke is the Vice-President of REGUA. Born in Santa Fe, Argentina, where her family owned a large farm. Raquel and Nicholas met through family friends in Copacabana and soon married. Raquel helped Nicholas while raising their two children, Thomas and Micaela.  

Fundamental in the creation of the Guapiaçu Community Association, Raquel has been of great value in gaining trust and support for the creation and development of REGUA. She is heavily involved in the development of the projects teaching and research sectors and has been instrumental in building successful relationships with both the local community and government agencies.  

Raquel's full-time dedication to the project helped in its expansion.  She loves walking in the REGUA forests. Her knowledge of trees is vast and she enjoys walking in the newly planted areas and watching them develop. It's one of her favorite pastimes, as is listening to Argentine music, being patriotic with her country's Malbec wine, and going to church.
He is the President of REGUA and has supported the creation of the project since 1996, together with his wife Raquel.

Nicholas was born and raised in the UK. After graduating in the United Kingdom, he went to Brazil for a technical apprenticeship with his uncle in Guapiaçu, where his grandparents had a farm. He built a large and successful farm, married Raquel, they had two children, Thomas and Micaela who were educated and raised in Guapiaçu.

Nicholas' vision helped and innovated REGUA. His total commitment and contagious energy led to the successful project we see today. Through strong local relationships Nicholas initiated the purchase of many key areas of land.

Although Nicholas can often be found in the office, in front of a computer, he has many other interests, including hiking in the forest, motorcycles from his youth, jazz and his main hobby is gastronomy, where he creates great homemade pizzas.

Maria Raquel Risso Patron de Locke (Vice-presidente).HEIC.jpg
Rachel Locke
Vice president
Fábio Lagoas - Diretor Financeiro.jpg

Fábio Lagoas is the Administrative Director and Treasurer and has supported REGUA since 2010.

His family is highly respected in the region, having also been great supporters of the project since the beginning. Fábio grew up in the neighbourhood of Santo Amaro, close to REGUA, always appreciating the countryside and the surrounding green areas. When he finished primary school, he moved to the interior of Nova Friburgo to study and attend secondary and technical education in agronomy, which is his great passion.    

Once back in the municipality of Cachoeiras de Macacu, he began to manage a neighbouring property, and has a very close and trusting relationship with the members of the REGUA board, he was invited to assume the position of Treasurer of the organization.

Fábio has a beautiful family and is very dedicated to it, currently dividing himself between Santo Amaro and Cachoeiras de Macacu. He is also very interested in cars.

Fábio Lagoas
Finacial Director

2-Honorary Members: Stuart Housden, Alan Martin, Gustavo Pedro de Paula and Mário Porto

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-23 at 08.41.12.jpeg
Stuart Housden
_Alan Martin - Secretário administrativo do BART_edited.jpg
Alan Martin
WhatsApp Image 2022-10-19 at 12.12.43.jpeg
Gustavo Pedro de Paula
Mário Porto_honorario.jpg
Mario Porto

3- Audit Board Members: Élcio Monteiro Leal, Elton Joni da Silva Nogueira and Korlan Nogueira.

4- Team: Ana Carolina Moreira and Thomas Lawrence Locke

Ana Carolina Moreira - Gerente Adm_Financeiro.jpg
Ana Carolina Moreira
Loan Heringer - Gerente de Manutenção.jpg
Thomas Lawrence Locke

5- Honorary Board Member: André Zaú

André Zaú
Matheus Cardoso da Silva .jpg
Ana Carolina Moreira
Thomas Locke.JPG
Thomas Lawrence Locke
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