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We have accommodation for use by universities, enabling professors and students to carry out field studies in general biological sciences.   With our laboratory and nearby trails it makes an excellent base for for material collection and subsequent analysis in the laboratory.   In addition our Reserve can be accessed with permission to do wider research.


We also offer facilities for wide ranging scientific workshops and courses, which generally consist of 30 hours over the weekend.  An example are the courses held by Selvagem em Foco, which have been taking place since 2010 at REGUA, focusing on monitoring techniques, surveying and fauna rescue, as well as a specific bird watching course. FIOCRUZ run courses throughout the week and are aimed at researchers who investigate tropical diseases. There are several subjects covered, such as photography and astrophotography.  A wide range of subjects have been studied using our conference facilities and the trails at REGUA. 

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We provide 30 beds for participants in these activities, meals are provided (breakfast, lunch and dinner).  We have an auditorium with capacity for 50 people and a laboratory with a half-moon bench, dry cupboard, freezer, and storage facilities for equipment. 

Please contact us at availability.

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