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REGUA  has cultivated public and private partnerships in this challenging task of conservation throughout its history. Our success is due to the help and financial support of a wide range of individuals, charitable organisations and commercial sponsors, to whom we extend our grateful thanks.   It would be impractical for us to list all who have helped us but we have shown below the most significant contributors.

Financing Partners

Brazilian Atlantic Forest Trust (BART)

World Land Trust (WLT)

Rainforest Trust US

DOB Ecology

Saving Nature


International Institute for Sustainability (IIS)

Caminhos da Mata Atlântica (CMA)

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) 

Partners in the Implementation of REGUA Programs


Parque Estadual dos Três Picos

Prefeitura Municipal de Cachoeiras de Macacu

AMBEV                                                                                    REFAUNA                 



UERJ                                                                                        UFRRJ                                                


Earthwatch Institute                                                           Instituto de Ação Socioambiental (ASA)

Networks and Joints in which REGUA Participates

Pact for Restoration

Atlantic Forest Network (RMA)

Mosaic of Conservation Units in the Central Fluminense Atlantic Forest

Network of RPPNs 

Association of Seed and Seedling Producers of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Pro Seedlings Rio).

Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve

Long-Term Ecological Research (PELD)

Municipal Council of Tourism (COMTUR)

Municipal Council for Rural Development (CMDR)

Three Peaks State Park Advisory Board

Advisory Board of the Macacu River Basin Apa

Macacu Waterfalls Master Plan Council (CONCIDADE)

Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (CMDCA)

Local Partnerships

Organic Coco Farm

Pi Tropical Production Commerce Beverages and Food

Cachoeiras and Itaboraí Rural Electrification Cooperative (CERCI)

All Legal Industry and Commerce

Videverde Composting

Route 116 Concessionaire

K1 Telecom Multimedia

Action Shop Waste Treatment

Querência Real Estate Business

Vital Brazil Institute

French farm

São José Farm

Important Institutions that have already supported us

Petrobras Socioenvironmental

SOS Mata Atlântica

Conservation International

The Rufford Foundation

Bromley Trust

Green Initiative 

American Bird Conservancy 

Saving species / US



San Diego Orchid Society

IUCN Netherlands

Chester Zoo

Puro Fairtrade Coffee


SAVE Brazil 

Grupo Schincariol 


Ministry of the Environment


National Environmental Fund (FNMA)

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