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The Baby in Nature programme started in August 2022 and aims to strengthen the child's bond with nature from an early age. The Legal Framework of Early Childhood, LAW No. 13,257, OF MARCH 8, 2016. is the premise of the programme whose target audience is children from 0 to 6 years old, with “attention to the specificity and relevance of the first years of life in child development and human development”.

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Baby in Nature invites you to experience nature through the relationship between family, environment, health, education and promotion, providing opportunities for each participant to recognise themselves as part of a continuous cycle for a better quality of life.

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The programme's actions are inspired by the Sharing Nature and Reggio Emília methodologies, where the child brings within himself his multiple potentialities by developing in playing in and with nature, stimulating the senses, favouring social bonds and strengthening “Vitamin N”, Nature.

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As ações do programa são inspiradas nas metodologias Sharing Nature e Reggio Emília que evidencia a diferença da subjetividade e reforça o valor de cada indivíduo. Priorizando um modelo educativo que dê conta de todas as particularidades dos Bebês Natureza e suas famílias, favorecendo os vínculos sociais e fortalecendo a “Vitamina N”, Natureza.

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