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REGUA is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to restore the Atlantic Forest in the Guapiaçu River catchment area,  one of the most threatened biomes in the world, and to conserve its biodiversity.

As an NGO, all our work is financed exclusively by donations and support from individuals and institutions that believe in forest restoration and wish to contribute to the recreation of a greener and more sustainable world.


All work, has a cost. Our operating costs are varied and can be classified as: collecting and germinating seeds, producing and nurturing seedlings in our nursery, clearing land, planting the young trees and monitoring their progress over several years. These tasks require labour, equipment, fuel for machinery, food, electricity, and the maintenance of our offices, education and research accommodation among many other expenses.

Nursery staff collecting seeds - © REGUA

REGUA has established several important partnerships throughout its history and has managed to gradually expand its work and areas of activity. The reserve is now one of the largest restoration projects of forest ecosystems in the state of Rio de Janeiro with 460 hectares of restored land and over 700 thousand seedlings planted since its inception, with a diversity of more than 500 species. In addition to the reforested areas, REGUA today protects a total area of 7913 hectares plus an extension of 4069 hectares on partner properties.

For comparison purposes, 1 hectare is equivalent to 1 standard football pitch.

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Restoration process in the "Bosque da Memória" area -
Before and after the reforestation process in "Francês" area - © REGUA

Since 1998 REGUA has been tirelessly dedicated to its purpose of protecting one of the greatest assets on our planet with its unique habitats and biodiversity. 

We welcome support from individuals and organisations who would like to help us in our continued restoration and conservation of the Atlantic Forest.   Your support is invaluable and strongly contributes to the continuation of our work and the maintenance of our costs, as well as the expansion of our activities to protect the Guapiaçu River catchment area.   

If you have any queries regarding any aspect of our work, or how you can support REGUA, suggestions for possible projects or official visits to the Reserve. We ask that you contact our Project manager, using the e-mail address: 


If your company is interested in sponsoring REGUA's restoration work email our chairman Nicholas Locke at we are open to companies committed to the environment, just like us.


REGUA always appreciates new partnerships and is proud when institutions become aware of our activities. If you are interested, we are looking forward to hearing from you. Our partnerships help to keep us committed to our mission!

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