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An RPPN is a level of protection which can be applied to private land and voluntarily applied for by the owner, whose objective is the environmental preservation of ecosystems, natural landscapes and local scenic beauty.  It is provided for in the Law of the National System of Nature Conservation Units - SNUC (Federal Law No. 9985, of July 18, 2000), where it falls under the category of Sustainable Use. When registered in the state of Rio de Janeiro, as in the case of REGUA, RPPNs fall under the category of Integral Protection, according to State Decree No. 40.909/2007. REGUA had its first RPPN endorsed in 2013, and was recognized by Ordinance INEA/RJ/PRES Nº477. The Management Plan was approved in 2021, encompassing activities such as scientific research, monitoring, bird watching, fauna reintroduction and visitation for educational, interpretive, recreational and tourist purposes.


Currently, REGUA has 5 registered RPPNs, totaling 730 hectares of areas intended for nature conservation and maintenance of biodiversity. The main REGUA RPPN is located in the area of its headquarters, where we can find one of the most beautiful restored landscapes in the region, the famous “Wetlands”, which are an iconic heart of the reserve.

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