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Schools visiting REGUA are offered an interpretive trail that functions as a living classroom. The route starts at the nursery and then enters a forest area restored in 2007.   Here, many topics can be explored including, the water cycle, importance of bioindicators, biodiversity, quality soils and many related topics.

This will increase awareness in the students of more responsible actions towards society and the environment through our activities and interpretation on the trails which show the benefits of the integration of people and nature. 

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Throughout the course, students are involved in activities and workshops that sharpen the senses and provide integration between mind, body and nature. Thus, sequential learning is the main methodology used for the ecological trails adjacent to REGUA headquarters, which promote direct contact with nature, through activities that delight those involved.

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For Joseph Cornell (2005), sequential learning occurs from four stages: awakening enthusiasm, concentrating attention, directing experiences and sharing inspiration.


In this context, there is an immersion with nature that enables the individual to connect and interact with everything that nature can share for a better quality of life. 

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Students from Colégio Ernestina at the event "500 seedlings, with education everything changes" - © REGUA
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Participants are able to learn while having fun in nature.  Promoting a rapprochement between theory and practice, favoring mental and physical health, raising awareness of environmental problems, in which it provides more interest in the consequences of human actions provoking and its possible solutions based on changes in attitudes and behaviors. 

To schedule your school visit, contact:


WhatsApp: +55 21 96916-0078

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