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If you would like to apply to carry out Research at REGUA, please download the Research Protocol and Application Form here.  Every Researcher/Professor wishing to apply for a research project or activity at REGUA must fill in these documents.   Please read the further information below before submitting your application and provide a summary of the research project.  All documentation to be returned to the Research Coordination team by email:

In cases where the research involves the collection of specimens, the license or the number of relevant environmental licenses must also be sent. For research carried out in the part of REGUA that is registered as an RPPN (the Wetland area), it is necessary to send INEA a Research Authorisation from REGUA, which can be obtained through the same email:

For clarification on research locations at REGUA, accommodation arrangements and prices, please contact the Research Coordination Team (above) or REGUA (


A Google agenda (Pesquisa_REGUA) is also available for booking REGUA facilities for research field work. Your public link is:

Finally, for researchers interested in extension projects, REGUA offers the opportunity to publicise their projects and present and/or return the results to local communities, through: 

Collaboration of activities and lectures with the Young Guards and Visits to Schools program.

Presentation of projects at the quarterly meetings of the State Park Advisory Board of the Three Peaks Park.

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