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What does REGUA do in Brazil?

We are an independent organization and environmental activist. For 30 years we have mobilized society and put pressure on public and private power, drawing attention to the defense of the environment and the implementation of an adequate environmental policy in our country. We investigate and report environmental crimes, monitor deforestation and forest fires and give visibility to attacks on biomes and Brazilian biodiversity.

Where do the funds raised go?


As part of its commitment to management guided by transparency and good governance, Greenpeace has its accounts audited every year.


Your donation will be applied to our campaigns, projects or Greenpeace Brasil activities, according to the organization's resource requirements.


In the Annual Report you will find a series of campaigns and activities carried out to defend the environment in the country. We share a summary of the main activities of the previous year, as well as the accountability for all the resources we received and how we invested them.go.

Why does REGUA need my donation?


We are an independent non-profit organization and environmental activist, which receives funds exclusively from individuals, like you, to finance our activities in Brazil. We do not accept donations from companies, governments or political parties. We need your help to maintain our independence, defend the environment in Brazil and raise our voice against all those who destroy our natural wealth.


As a Greenpeace donor, you will receive periodic messages about our activities and an annual report with all the information about our campaigns and the allocation of resources.


Join us now and be part of this movement!

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