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Flavors of the Land Workshop animates REGUA

Last Wednesday (20/03), the Guapiaçu Ecological Reserve held an internal workshop called Flavors of the Land, in celebration of World Meatless Day. The initiative raised awareness among the team regarding the topic and also showed in practice that it is possible to eat well in a healthier way.

The workshop was taught by chef Lisangela Otilia, who has been dedicated to producing vegan and inclusive food for 10 years..

The term “inclusive diet” refers to the suitability of food for people with dietary restrictions, various allergies or who do not consume some ingredients by choice.

Her passion for developing healthy foods came arose after her father's illness, who suffered from diabetes. Since then, she has increasingly specialized in how to develop a quality inclusive diet, using local ingredients accessible to all audiences. "Living in the countryside and having to adapt to regional products, that is the ideal food style," she said.

World Meat Free Day is an initiative that seeks to raise awareness of the environmental, ethical and health impacts associated with the consumption of products of animal origin. Celebrated annually in several countries around the world, this day encourages people to try meat-free meals and consider vegetarian and vegan alternatives in their diet.

Environmental impact: Meat production has a significant environmental impact, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, excessive water use and pollution.

Reporting: Jefferson Alves


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