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"Viva a Mata" Celebrates the Atlantic Forest and honors environmental defenders

Fotografia: SOS Mata Atlântica

On May 27, the SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation held "Viva a Mata", a closed event that brought together partners, volunteers, donors, environmentalists, environmental authorities and friends to celebrate the Atlantic Forest Day. The ceremony, intended for special guests of the foundation, was an opportunity to reinforce the importance of the conservation of this vital biome.

During the event, participants reviewed the advances and challenges faced in the last year. One of the highlights was the presentation of data from the Atlas of Deforestation of the Atlantic Forest, which provides a detailed view of the loss of native vegetation and efforts to combat this degradation. In addition, good practices were shared and ongoing projects aimed at the preservation and recovery of the Atlantic Forest were discussed.

Fotografia: SOS Mata Atlântica

The occasion was also marked by tributes to individuals who have made significant contributions to the environmental cause. Among the honorees, Nicolas and Raquel (president and vice-president of the Guapiaçu Ecological Reserve) stood out, recognized for years of resilient work and dedication to the protection of the Atlantic Forest.

Viva a Mata was not only a moment of celebration, but also of reflection and renewal of the commitment to sustainability and protection of the Atlantic Forest. The SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation reaffirmed its commitment to continue mobilizing efforts to ensure a greener and more sustainable future for the next generations.


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