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Fauna Monitoring

When species monitoring is the subject, perseverance is but essential. We have received at REGUA for eleven months, Hugo Daniel Anselmo, a researcher and master's student in Ecology and Environment from the University of Oporto/Portugal. The twenty-three-year-old youngster came to REGUA to finalise his master's thesis, focussing on the behaviour of pumas, especially between the dry and rainy seasons of the Atlantic Forest. According to him, the climate directly influences the behaviour of animals in this region. To carry out the study, camera traps mounted in trees amid the forest were installed, recording images of animals approaching it through motion sensors.

The project takes place in REGUA and is part of the Atlantic Forest Paths scope to which Hugo's co-advisor, André Molanna, belongs.

In the videos captured through photo traps, it is possible to observe details and customs of each species belonging to fauna around the region.


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