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Global Big Day 2024: Brazil Surpasses a Thousand Observers and Records 1.2 Thousand Species in 24 hours

The Global Big Day is an annual event that gathers birdwatching enthusiasts worldwide, challenging them to record as many species as possible in a single day. Organised by the renowned Cornell Lab of Ornithology in New York, the event uses the citizen science platform eBird, which accumulates an impressive 100 million records annually.

This year, 1,067 Brazilian observers joined the movement, making history with their contributions. Among them bird guides Adilei Cunha, Daniel and Gabriel Mello and Leonardo Pimentel followed a route that covered the Macacu River Basin which included Three Peaks Park, Teodoro de Oliveira (Nova Friburgo), Sumidouro and Guapimirim municipalities. Together, they spotted 224 different species, achieving 4th place in the national eBird ranking.

The success of the Global Big Day 2024 in Brazil highlights the growing passion for birdwatching and commitment to biodiversity conservation. Here's to the next challenges!

Fotografias - Irmão Melo


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