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There are three ways you can visit us.  Stay at our lodge, visit for the day, or volunteer.  Most travellers from around the world stay at our lodge for a few days or a couple of weeks, giving time to explore REGUA and other habitats in our region.We value the good behaviour of our guests, who must respect all employees of the Reserve and the natural environment that surrounds us during their visit. For day visitors we have restrooms, drinking fountain and parking at the Conservation Centre and access to signposted trails nearby. Guides can be pre-booked for walks further away from the centre in more preserved areas of REGUA.


What unites all our visitors is the desire to be surrounded by a natural area with healthy forests and high biodiversity of the local fauna and flora.  REGUA's lodge is set in a great location near our restored wetlands and with the stunning Serra dos Orgãos mountains as a backdrop to the garden. 

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For more information on staying at our lodge please go to our lodge page here: LINK TO LODGE PAGE

REGUA is open from February to December (generally closed in January, due to employee holidays and high summer temperatures)

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DAY VISITORS If you would like to visit REGUA for the day please contact us through REGUA's communication channels (WhatsApp, social media) to check availability. Day visits can be requested with guided and unguided trails (depending on which part of our reserve you wish to visit). REGUA is open from February to December due to staff holidays and high summer temperatures, from 08:00 to 16:00.  Outside of these times and when the entrance gate is closed, please do not enter.

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